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Letter from the President

Central Ohio Section Members,
I wanted to update the section on the accomplishments of this year’s central Ohio board. We have made some significant improvements to our section member benefits. I hope you have enjoyed them or plan to enjoy them in the future. Here are some of the items we’ve accomplished this year:

  • $1000 section sponsored scholarships were started or re-started at both Ohio University and The Ohio State University. These university’s host our section's two student chapters. Each school will be awarding $1000 scholarships to civil engineering students in their respective programs.
  • The section began paying for ASCE webinars that section members host at their office. If your office can host a webinar for 15-30 sections members, the section will reimburse the cost.
  • The section is purchasing several commonly used ASCE publications that will be hosted by the main Columbus library on Broad St. These books will be available for use by any library member.
  • The section donated $1000 to the Engineers Without Boarders (EWB) central Ohio section this year to support their efforts on volunteer projects overseas.
  • The section will be donating ASCE logo engineering graph paper to local middle and high school math classes. The board hopes this simple donation will make students aware of some of the tools used by engineers and of the field of civil engineering. If you know of a math class who would benefit by this donation, please let the board know.
  • The section has arranged for the ASCE salary survey complete report to be available to section members upon request.
  • Regards,
    Adam Rich, P.E., M.ASCE
    President – ASCE Central Ohio Section