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ASCE Leadership in Sustainable Design for Civil Works Projects

ASCE at the national level is developing information, advice and processes for the local sections and branches to bring ASCE members up to date on sustainability in CE projects, a sort of toolkit for sustainable design concepts (see website referenced above). I am working with the national ASCE committee on communication aspects of sustainable engineering to assist in this effort.

This is an important element of ASCE’s effort to support members in several ways, including the ability to understand the interests of clients or employers regarding sustainability, and the ability to judge and apply potential application of sustainable design. But possibly most importantly, ASCE members should strive to be the leading entity where sustainability is a major project element, rather than falling behind in the game and so becoming a subcontractor or subordinate to other professions that are more focused on clients’ and employers’ interest in sustainability.

I am asking members of the Central Ohio Section of ASCE that have experience in sustainable design of civil works projects (as opposed to inhabited buildings) to contact me, and am looking for projects or components of projects that can serve as good examples of the beneficial and economical application of sustainable design in civil works projects. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me in this, so we can realistically define applications, processes and projects fitting this need in the Central Ohio area. An email or phone call in response would be most appreciated

Thanks for your interest.

David Pritchard, PE
1351 W. First Ave.
Columbus, OH 43212
Tel. 614-519-4819
Contact through e-mail

Link to ASCE sustainability website: