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EWB-USA and ASCE--how you can participate

EWB-USA is a great organization — a non-profit, humanitarian organization that helps developing communities worldwide build sustainable life-improving infrastructure. Working with EWB-USA is one of my presidential initiatives. For more on the partnership, visit .

Mr. Jim Pajk, P.E.

James A. Pajk, P.E.
Franklin County Deputy Engineer, Bridges

Jim Pajk is an example of a Professional Engineer who has concentrated his knowledge and skills in the area of transportation engineering and bridge design to better his community. He has achieved a position of great responsibility in the 17 years since earning his Bachelors Degree from the University of Toledo, College of Engineering. And he continues to contribute to his community and continually increase his expertise in the field.

Mr. Dax J. Blake, P.E.

Dax Blake, P.E.

After earning his Bachelors from Ohio University (1996) and Masters Degree from The Ohio State University (1998) in Civil Engineering, Mr. Blake has devoted his career to the design and management of public utility related projects including water and wastewater. This included working as an engineering consultant in private practice for many communities in the region, as well as his current engineering and management responsibilities with the City of Columbus. He was an instrumental contributor to the City’s current Wet Weather Management Plan from the moment it was conceived.

Heard it on the Radio

Have you heard our sponsorship announcements on the radio?

"Civil engineers are at the heart of Columbus’ $2.5 billion investment in an improved wastewater purification system and clean streams."


"New bridges at Lane Ave. and Broad St., and under construction at Main St. are civil engineering achievements that will help define Columbus for many decades."

Radio advertising

Central Ohio ASCE is running some radio advertising on WOSU 820 AM. If you would like to listen to the ads, here are the approximate air times.

Sat 11/17/2007 8.59 a
Wed 11/21/2007 5.59 a
Thu 11/29/2007 8.20 a
Fri 12/7/2007 5.20 p
Tue 12/11/2007 5.20 p
Thu 12/20/2007 5.06 p
Fri 12/28/2007 5.58 a
Sat 1/05/08 9.59 a
Mon 1/07/08 12.20 p
Thu 1/10/08 5.06 p
Sun 1/13/08 8.38 a
Wed 1/16/08 5.49 a
Fri 1/18/08 4.20 p
Sat 1/19/08 1.25 p
Mon 1/21/08 1.28 p
Thu 1/24/08 8.19 a
Fri 1/25/08 4.59 p
Mon 1/28/08 1.28 p

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Welcome to our new website. This new format will give us greater flexibility and make it easier to update the website. Please bear with us while we add more content and create new features.